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iPhone 5s: How to set up fingerprint scanner aka 'Touch ID'

iPhone 5s has the fingerprint scanner built into the Home button. In six steps, how to set up the iPhone 5s Touch ID.


A journalist tests the the new iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature at Apple Inc's announcement event in Beijing on Sept. 11, 2013.


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One of the newest features of the iPhone 5s is the fingerprint scanner built into the Home Button, which allows you to securely lock the phone using your fingerprint, as well as make purchases in the iTunes store. Setting up the Touch ID sensor, as it's called, takes about a minute of your time. Here's how to set it up once you get your new iPhone 5s.

1. Open the Settings to the Passcode & Fingerprint menu, and select Fingerprints.

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2. Select Add A Fingerprint. You can choose any finger you like -- and even enter multiple fingers -- but it's best to choose one that you're most likely to use when holding the phone.


3. Place your finger on the Home button without pressing it down. You will have to touch the button several times; as you do, the gray lines will turn red. When all the lines have turned red, the setup process will move to the next step.


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