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Calico: Google's latest 'moonshot' targets aging

Google (GOOG) announced the creation of a new company called Calico, with the goal to reverse the aging process and extend human life.

A brief history of the quest for immortality
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Google is looking for the Fountain of Youth in its latest expansion beyond Internet search.

The ambitious quest to reverse the aging process and extend human life will be pursued by a new company called Calico that is being financed by Google Inc., which has amassed a $54 billion stockpile primarily through its dominance of Internet search and online advertising.

Calico will be run by former Google board member Arthur Levinson, best known as the ex-CEO of biotechnology pioneer Genentech. Levinson resigned from Google's board nearly four years ago after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission opened an investigation into whether his overlapping role on Apple Inc.'s board created conflicts of interest that might lessen competition between rivals. Levinson will remain chairman at Apple and Genentech while he runs Calico.


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