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Jackie Robinson honored by Google Doodle and Hollywood (+video)

Google is honoring the first African-American baseball player with a doodle on Jackie Robinson's 94th birthday. And a new movie, '42,' opens soon that portrays the life of Jackie Robinson.

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If January 31 seems a bit early for a Jackie Robinson celebration, you're not entirely wrong.

Typically, Major League Baseball honors its first African-American player on April 15 - the day he made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. The standard practice is for major league players to don No. 42 in homage to Robinson.

But Google has kicked off the celebration a little early this year with a Google doodle on Jackie Robinson's birthday. And Google is not alone.

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The Boston Red Sox are also celebrating Robinson's 94th birthday. Jackie's son, David Robinson, will be touring two middle schools in Boston today.


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