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Five Edward Gorey stories that everyone should read

The author/illustrator extraordinaire's birthday is today. Celebrate by reading these five Gorey tales. 


A screenshot of Google's Edward Gorey Doodle.


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What do Tim Burton, The Tiger Lillies, PBS, and Lemony Snicket all have in common? They all have taken inspiration from the one and only Edward Gorey. Today, Mr Gorey would have turned 88, so it is only fitting that Google celebrate him with a doodle. The Google doodle shows an illustration of Gorey with some of his most famous characters.

Gorey published his first book, "The Unstrung Harp," in 1953. He quickly shot to fame due to his characteristic ink drawings and his dark yet lighthearted stories. Categorized by the literary nonsense movement, Gorey often wrote sentences like: “It would carry off objects of which it grew fond, And protect them by dropping them into the pond.” It was his nonsensical, macabre, yet playful writing that kept Gorey in the spotlight.


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