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New Species of Raptor Dinosaur Found In China

The nearly-complete skeleton of the birdlike dinosaur was found in inner Mongolia

A British scientist doing his PhD has discovered a new dinosaur which had a huge claw and could run at more than 30mph while digging for fossils in the Gobi desert.

Jonah Choiniere/Zuma/Newscom

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This Research in Action article was provided to LiveScience in partnership with the National Science Foundation.

In this picture you see a cast of the skeleton of the new raptor dinosaur Linheraptor exquisitus. I discovered the fossil of Linheraptor with Michael Pittman, a graduate student at the University College of London, while we were hunting for fossils in red sandstone rocks in Inner Mongolia, a province in northern China.

I was walking along a cliff when I saw the sharp tip of a claw poking out of the rock. Michael and I quickly started to dig at the edge of the cliff, and we kept exposing more bones.

We guessed then that we had found something important, but it wasn't until the specimen was taken back to Beijing and prepared in the lab that we knew we had found a new species of raptor.


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