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Let it snow with Google

'Let it snow' becomes Google's newest search Easter egg. So go for it. Let it snow!

Well, the weather outside is frightful, but the browser is so delightful. And since we've no place to go, type "Let it snow." Let it snow. Let it snow.

Pictured, a winter Google doodle from 2003.


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Dreaming of a white Christmas? Look no further than Google, who tucked a new snow-themed secret into its search engine this holiday season.

Type "Let it snow" into Google, and the search engine will reward you with some lovely flurries. Digital snow flakes flutter into view, while pixelated frost sneaks in from the top and bottom of the screen. Pretty soon, the effect fogs up the entire window, allowing you to draw messages in the virtual frost. You won't be able to click on any of the search results, but don't worry. The normal search icon turns into a "Defrost" button. One click will wipe away this icy veneer.

"Let it snow" stands as Google's latest Easter egg, a term for little secrets hidden in movies, video games, or websites. The search giant has sprinkled dozens of these little treats into its various pages. So, don't go back to work just yet!

Last month, searchers discovered "Do a barrel roll." Typing those four words into Google flips the entire browser. (Have you heard about Nintendo's role in bringing you "Do a barrel roll"?)

There are plenty of other hidden gags. Have you tried searching for "askew"? What about typing in "number of horns on a unicorn + the loneliest number"? Or have you attempted to make Google talk like Elmer Fudd?


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