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Google Doodle: What happened at Roswell?

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It looked, no doubt, like a cover-up. And so the world set about picking up threads of what had happened from the fragments that people had seen or heard, sewing it all together into a collective narrative of the Roswell Incident.

Radio journalists in the region said that the FBI annulled their broadcasts of reports from the ground. A local funeral director, Glenn Brown, said he received unusual calls from an air field officer about how to preserve damaged bodies, as well as order for two small and sealable caskets. Residents said that the army had been seen tugging alien bodies – four of them, with bulbous heads and eyes – out of the rubble and alleged that the UFO and its alien cargo had been scooped up and ferried quietly into Area 51, the ultra-secretive military base in Nevada. Some had photos. 

For a time, what had happened at Roswell – or what was believed to have happened there – was somewhat forgotten. But in 1978, journalist Stanton Freedman interviewed Marcel, the army officer who had alerted the Eighth Air Force to the crashed object. Marcel told a different story than the one the army had officially put forward at the time. The debris, he said, had been like nothing he’d never seen before: lightweight but dense, and inscribed with strange drawings, like hieroglyphics.

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