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Venus, and Jupiter, and the moon, oh my!

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With only slight apologies to Dorothy, Toto, and their three amigos, people in North and South America have an opportunity to enjoy a visual feast over the next two evenings.

For people in the US, look west around sunset, clouds willing. Jupiter, Venus, and a sliver of a crescent moon will form a spectacular, tight triangle in the early evening sky, near the horizon. On Dec. 1 they will be so tightly packed that you'll be able to cover them with your thumb at arms length.

Our solar system is nothing if not thoughtful. It put on a similar show for "morning people" around dawn last February. Now, it's giving folks who aren't morning people a chance to catch the view. And if you're in right spot in Western Europe, you'll get more than this function at the conjunction. The moon will actually cover Venus for a while -- an occultation.

Of the three participants, Venus is the most impressive. Although it's 93 million miles from Earth about now, it shines with a brilliance people have mistaken for UFOs or landing lights from a incoming airliner. But the moon is no slouch, either.

View the moon with a slightly averted glance and you're likely to pick up the dull but noticeable glow of Earth light reflecting off the darkened lunar surface. As for Jupiter's brightness? Cut it some slack. Despite its enormous size, it's currently about 472 million miles away.


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