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CES Preview Day Two: Gadgets galore

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The International Consumer Electronics Show is still a day away. But with 2,700 exhibits fighting for attention this year, vendors have trotted out several of their best inventions early.

LG's Watch Phone
LG Electronics has captured a piece of Dick Tracy fiction this year with its impressively sleek wristwatch/telephone. The working prototype packed in a touchscreen, 3G signal, and video camera. When you get a call, bring the watch to your mouth and chat through its built-in speaker phone. LG plans to release the watch phone by midyear, according to Wired. No word on its price tag.

Powermat wireless rechargers
Imagine life without wires. That's the pitch for Powermat's new charge pads. Place your drained iPhone or RAZR on the mat, and it will recharge the devices through magnetic induction. As with LG's watch phone, Powermat iterates on the ideas of competitors. But its approach seems to make more sense. Right now, the power connection is hidden in cell-phone cases or extra dongles for laptops or PlayStation Portables. But, "the hope is to get this technology embedded both in devices, but also in homes and offices and hotels," reports The San Francisco Chronicle. Mats start at $100; the receivers will cost about $30. Both will be available this fall.


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