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New Heinz ketchup packets let you dunk or squeeze

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(Read caption) Heinz's new Dip & Squeeze ketchup packets let on-the-go-eaters choose how they apply their favorite condiment.

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From "rip, squeeze, doh!" to "rip, dunk, mmm."

For Heinz, that's the desired change on-the-go eaters will find when new ketchup packaging goes into circulation this fall.

It's one of those "huh, never knew that much thought went into that" tales – the quest for the perfect ketchup packet. But as a look into the world of Heinz shows, a great amount of research, trial-and-error, and thought is applied to the problem of spilled and wasted ketchup.

The old packets, we learn, originated in 1968, and have never been perfect for everyone. Whether it was the problem of one-handed opening, at-the-wheel eating, or just a personal preference for dunking, there have long been complaints with the ubiquitous single-serving condiment package.

The new design seeks to please two once-divisive camps – dunkers and squeezers. Prefer to dip your fries? Peel off the top. Want your ketchup where you put it, without spreading with a knife? Rip off the tip and squeeze away. Also appeased by the revamped packet are people like this Horizons writer's brothers, who seem to have made it a personal life quest to use as much ketchup as possible: a new Dip & Squeeze packet contains three times as much ketchup as the old design. Have at it, Charles and Greg.

The Associated Press explained some of the R&D behind the new design:

Designers found that what worked at a table didn't work where many people use ketchup packets: in the car. So two years ago, Heinz bought a used minivan for the design team members so they could give their ideas a real road test.
The team studied what each passenger needed. The driver wanted something that could sit on the armrest. Passengers wanted the choice of squeezing or dunking. Moms everywhere wanted a packet that held enough ketchup for the meal and didn't squirt onto clothes so easily.

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