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DNSChanger: Removing the virus just got a lot harder (+video)

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(Read caption) Thousands of computers across the U.S. won't be able to access the internet come Monday, July 9th. Yours could be one of them.
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If your PC is one of the possible 500,000 computers worldwide that has been hit by the DNSChanger virus, chances are, you already know it. Because of a move by the FBI today, all infected computers have gone offline. Many reports suggest that the damage today has been minimal. But if your computer still carries the virus, fixing the problem just got a lot harder. 

The good news: If you're reading this article, this machine is clearly not affected. 

DNSChanger is an computer virus that allowed criminals based in Estonia to redirect your Web browsing. Instead of visiting the website that you wanted, the virus rerouted you through a rogue server that would feed you advertisements. And, if anything happened to these rogue servers, the virus would keep trying to reach them unsuccessfully, effectively knocking your computers offline. 

Well, last year, the FBI and Estonian authorities busted the black-hat hacking ring who set up the virus. For the past eight months, the Bureau has arranged for a series of servers to stay online and carry the traffic that would otherwise be downed by cutting off the hackers’ servers. Now, however, those FBI servers have been shut down. You’re on your own.

If one of your PCs is hit by DNSChanger, you'll need to figure out a way to get anti-virus software onto that computer. 


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