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Nintendo Wii U game roundup: Super Mario, Batman, ZombiU

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Game Informer gave the game a 93 out of 100 for its high-definition visuals and freshness as the game progresses.

“New enemies and themes are constantly popping up, and each only appears once or twice,” says Bryan Vore of Game Informer. "A massive sea snake chases you all throughout a water level and never shows up again. The same goes for rare classic enemies like the stomping Sumo Bros, who haven’t surfaced since Super Mario World."

Mr. Vore welcomes the new boost mode, a chance for five people to play simultaneously. This fifth person plays solely on the gamepad screen and can add platforms, stun enemies, and ward off hurtling objects.

“After some practice, a skilled boost player can rescue the bros from certain doom and help them get hidden star coins,” says Vore.

Moving on from Nintendo’s decades-old series, Nintendo seeks to capitalize on the “horror survival” craze with Ubisoft's release of ZombiU.

“ZombiU is unforgiving, and it's expected that you will die,” says Richard Mitchell of Joystiq, who rated ZombiU a 90 out of 100.

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