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Review: Siri versus Google Voice Search versus S Voice

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Question 3: "How tall is the Taipei 101 tower?"

Siri completed in: 3.7 seconds

Siri responded to our question by providing an information card with the total height of the tower in feet and its world ranking, as well as a series of unit conversions.

S Voice completed in: 8.3 seconds

The Galaxy S III's S Voice used WolframAlpha to search for Taipei 101 and came back with an information card complete with its height in feet, as well as a more thorough conversion chart than Siri's and comparisons to the CN Tower and Eiffel Tower.

Google Voice Search completed in: 3.3 seconds

Google Voice Search pulled the answer for this question from two sources: for a photo of the tower and Wikipedia for the height in feet and meters.

Winner: Google Voice Search. While it didn't offer a conversion chart, Google's Voice Search  edged out Siri and S Voice in this round thanks to its inclusion of a photo of Taipei 101 and its faster response time.

Question 4: "Did the New York Mets win last night?"

Siri completed in: 6.72 seconds

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