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Think you're a true geek? Take our quiz

Are you a true geek? While superhero movies, FPS video games, and iGadgets have gone mainstream, real nerds remember their roots. Test your affinity for sci-fi, fantasy, comics, technology, and games with our 42-question quiz. There are no wrong answers, just less geeky ones.

Star Wars Storm Troopers cross the street outside the NASDAQ Market Site in New York's Times Square as part of a promotion for EA's "Star Wars: The Old Republic" game, December 20, 2011.
Mike Segar/Reuters
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Question 1 of 42

1. Sometimes gadgets break. How do you deal with these moments?

Throw it out. Buy a new one.

Buy a new one, but keep the old one. I can still harvest it for parts.

Call a repair guy! There’s still life in this little gadget.

Gentlemen, I can rebuild him. I have the technology.

It probably broke because I tinkered with it. Keep tinkering until it works again.