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Post oil: In oil country, maverick Nissan Leaf driver gives up gas (VIDEO)

In his post-oil world, a Texan never buys gas for his all-electric Nissan Leaf – and still gets a thrill out of putting the pedal to the metal.

Austin physician William Jones blogs about his allelectric Nissan Leaf. He hasn’t bought gas since April.

Mark Clayton/The Christian Science Monitor

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Something new and a bit odd is happening here in Texas, where history and the economy are so tightly interwoven with oil: Some drivers are ditching their gasoline vehicles and turning over a new leaf – literally.

"I love my Leaf," writes William Jones, an Austin physician, in a blog of the same name devoted to the virtues of his new Nissan Leaf.

Dr. Jones's luxurious yet gas-gulping Lexus has been collecting dust in the garage since he brought home the all-electric Leaf, which has no gas tank at all.

Charging his Leaf in his garage at home, Jones uses a heavy cord attached to a pistol-grip handle to connect with the multipronged charging port in the car. The other end connects to a fast wall-charger. Or, if he chooses, he can charge with a typical – if slower – three-prong plug outlet. Because he's also signed up for Austin's "green" electricity program – juice generated by West Texas windmills – he gets a guilt-free, comfortable day of gliding around town. It's a "zero carbon footprint that costs me about 3 cents a mile," he says. "What's not to like about that?"


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