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Computer viruses and prayer

A Christian Science perspective on daily life.

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The invasion of computers by viruses, worms, and trojans with the intent to steal or damage is costing time and money, and peace of mind, to those whose lives it affects. Matthew Williamson, a researcher with Hewlett-Packard laboratories in Bristol, England, said, "Computer security is a bit of an arms race, and any development you make to combat things will be countered" (BBC News)

The Bible's account of David and Goliath (see I Samuel, chap. 17) has some useful insights on how this problem of computer security, which seems like a Goliath, might be faced through prayer. Goliath, a Philistine, was challenging anyone from the armies of Israel to fight him. The description of Goliath's size, weapons, and armor is formidable, and it would appear that whoever was going to fight him would have to be bigger and equipped with greater weapons.

David was smaller and not used to armor and spears, but he seemed more than confident in taking on this fight. David was unafraid because he knew that he was wrapped in the armor and security of God's power and that nothing could defeat that power. Instead of thinking of himself as fighting another man, he evidently understood that the battle was God's battle. In the divine presence that fills all space and possesses all power, hatred cannot stand.

David killed Goliath with one stone flung from the slingshot that he'd used successfully as a shepherd in protecting his sheep from a bear and a lion. But his confidence in opposing such an impressive opponent was the inspiration he received from God that he had the ability to do what was needed.


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