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A fresh look at aging

A Christian Science perspective on daily life.

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Every day, a woman who's 81 years old walks about a mile from her home in the country to buy food in town and then back home again. Sometimes her grandson is with her; otherwise she goes alone. This has been her habit for years, and it feels quite natural to her.

All of us can think of those who are inspirations of vigor and wholeness in their later years. But sometimes facing later years or even middle age for ourselves or in support of another isn't so easy. We may long to look and feel young again, and there are all kinds of antiaging remedies offered in creams, surgery, exercise, and food that promise a fountain of youth. But most people would agree that more is needed than just some surface adjustments.

Facing advanced years requires courage, patience, and compassion. It also provides an opportunity to prove that contrary to general opinion, vitality and strength don't have to stop because the years have moved on. The reality is that we are spiritual beings, ageless. We can pray to God to reveal more of the unlimited capacities and abilities that belong to us as God's spiritual sons and daughters.

Eternal Life, God, is without beginning and without end, and provides each of us with inexhaustible freedom, creativity, and freshness. Accepting a spiritual basis for life brings undeclining, abundant activity. We are never without purpose. As we pray to see our identity as the image and likeness of eternal Life, mental and spiritual qualities of thought continue to bloom, undimmed by material laws of time, age, and heredity.

Because eternal Life is Love, we can pray to feel God's love for us through the active expression of Life's qualities in every aspect of our lives. In the presence of God's ever-active love, we can't feel a life that's slowing down or a body that's overcome with increasing aches and pains.


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