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From humanly trafficked to humanely freed

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“You are Christian?” she asked. I happily nodded.

“Me, too!” and she hugged the papers to her chest. We started talking about God and how He cares for us, and then, with a circular motion of her arms she shared, “He is over, under, around, and through. He is everywhere.” I gave her my copy of the lesson to take home.

From then on, our friendship moved from employer-employee to partners in seeing that “everywhereness” of God in her life. We prayed, knowing that God loves her as His treasured daughter and that there were no limitations to the good she could have. After several weeks of praying and sharing our understanding of God, she started to look for a new job. She was steadfast in her faith that all things are possible to God.

After a few weeks, a well-respected company offered her a job with higher pay and no more housecleaning. But her employer had to agree to release her.

Her original contract required two years, and she had surpassed that. She had also repaid what she owed – her entire first-year salary – for her visa, work permit, and airline fees. She went to the head office and asked to be released. They said no. She went every day, crying, begging. They not only said no, but said that if she left their employ, they would have her sent back home immediately. Though she would see her family, the more dismal employment situation there was not a viable option.

My husband investigated sponsoring her, but his employment status disqualified him.

Maria was then at risk of her employer trumping up a bogus charge against her to have her picked up by the police, a common practice by employers who want to expel such “troublesome” employees and who don’t want to pay their airfare home.

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