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Supernatural: Season 2, Disc 1 review

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(Read caption) Jensen Ackles, Tricia Helfer and Jared Padalecki star in 'Supernatural.'

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My experience attempting to watch and blog about Supernatural season 1 was a bit of a disaster. I stopped after the ninth episode, and only then wrote about a small amount of the episodes. My time allowed to blog, my time allowed to watch, and how quickly I watch were in conflict with one another. I like doing an entire disc at once, but it’s tricky to write consistently and quickly when you do episodes that quickly.

So after the failure, I decided that the best way to approach blogging about season 2 was to adopt and adapt my methodology for watching the first season of Breaking Bad. Instead of having one post devoted to the entire season and updating it as I go along, each disc will have its own post, with thoughts on each of the episodes on that disc.

So, without, further ado, I give you the first four episodes of season 2 of Supernatural (and these episodes include some truly amazing titles).

“In My Time of Dying” – “Dude, I full-on Swazyed that mother!

Season premieres that come off of cliffhanger season finales are always a tricky thing to balance between resolving the cliffhanger, remaining true to your show’s roots (in this case, working in a procedural hunting element, typically involving a hot woman, and then a brother-to-brother moment by the Impala), and then setting up the themes, beats, and arcs for the new season. It’s a lot to cram into an hour, and while the last one can unfurl a bit over the course of a few more episodes (as it does here), you need to plant the seeds.

“In My Time of Dying” is pretty successful at all of this. I mean, yes, I found it a little weird that Dean didn’t once ask about how the Impala was, but he freaking out about being a ghost, so it makes sense. The procedural portion of the episode was a little less engaging than others, if only because it ends up feeling like it exists so that Azazel can assume control of the Reaper and solve the out of body experience trouble.


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