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'Terra Nova' finishes its season with an explosive finale

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It has been a pivotal first season of the sci-fi drama backdropped in a world where dinosaurs still roam.  TERRA NOVA ambitiously set out to show us the story of a family that was willing to travel back in time in order to stay together and have a chance at a better future for humanity.

But paradise is only beautiful on the surface.  There have been bumps and bruises along the way as each of the Shannon family members struggled to find their place in this new world and tried to figure out who they could really trust.  Utopia is a wonderful ambition, but human beings always bring the element of surprise and unpredictability as their emotions sway their decisions — for better or worse.

For Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara), the former police narcotics detective turned prison-escapee desperate to keep his family together and to ensure the safe-keeping of his youngest daughter, there was literally no place left on Earth to hide.  Fortunately for him, he married the right woman, Dr. Elisabeth Shannon (Shelley Conn), a trauma surgeon who the government recruited for colonization in an experimental settlement comprised of scientists who would safeguard the planet 85 million years in the past.  The colony of Terra Nova sounds ideal, but humans rarely can agree on how to best shape the future, let alone protect the planet.

When the Shannons arrived, they discovered that things were not as idyllic as promised and that there was a rebel force known as the Sixers who were working covertly to crack the code to open the time portal in both directions — thereby allowing an unknown faction to swoop in and exploit the resources of Terra Nova for their own nefarious purposes in the future.

This first season has been one of both wonder and discovery.  There was the wonder of the amazing animals and dinosaurs that populated the planet before time erased them from existence.  There has also been the sad realization that humans can still be bought and blackmailed into doing things destructive to the entire human race.


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