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'Archer': The new season is good for fans and newbies alike

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Charles Sykes/FRE/AP

(Read caption) 'Archer' star Aisha Tyler plays an ISIS agent on the FX animated show.

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After a short mini-season arc in the fall (a la Lost), FX’s Archer is now back for its official full third season, kicking things off with a premiere that featured a guest appearance by leading man icon (and Sterling Archer’s longtime man-crush), Burt Reynolds.

The episode (titled “The Man from Jupiter”) was already distinguished by Reynolds’ presence – but it also proved that Archer is truly hitting is comedic stride in season 3.

Things started in the usual Archer fashion: with our master spy (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) by the bar, courting a few young ladies. The twist comes when Archer bumps into one of the other patrons of the bar – who just so happens to be Burt “Gator” Reynolds. Then comes another twist: Burt isn’t just at the bar by chance – he’s there to meet Archer’s mother Malory (Jessica Walters) for their…date. Cue Archer fainting.

Torn between the love of his man-crush and nausea at the thought of anyone “dating” his mother, Archer does just what his ISIS co-workers figure he will: he kidnaps Burt and leaves Malory a forged breakup letter. Of course, while caught up in his personal drama, Archer forgets entirely about the professional perils he’s facing – namely the Cuban hit squad on his tail, seeking vengeance for the comrades that Archer killed way back in the season 1 episode, “Honeypot”.  Lana (Aisha Tyler) and the other ISIS agents try to watch Archer’s back, but instead land themselves in the hit squad’s crosshairs, leaving it to Archer and Burt to mount a rescue.


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