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'Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence talks filming and mall tours

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We had the chance to participate in a roundtable discussion with the Jennifer Lawrence at the Los Angeles press event for The Hunger Games, where we discussed (among other things) her propensity toward roles that involve hunting and the woods, the pressure that surrounds taking on a much-beloved character, learning how to act backwards from Woody Harrelson and the surreal experience of participating in a mall tour.

Screen Rant: What is it about these downtrodden, strong women who take care of children? What is this pattern that we’re seeing here in your career? 

Jennifer Lawrence: “I don’t know, before I get the script I ask ‘Does she like the forest, does she have younger siblings? (Laughing) Jodie Foster told me I’d look back at my career twenty years from now and see a pattern, and what it has to do with my life. But now I’m just like ‘I don’t know.’”

You do you see a through-line between this and Winter’s Bone?

JL: “Yeah, they’re similar. Ree is much more of a walker at Katniss is more of a runner.” (Laughs)

What was the most challenging aspect of this film as an adaptation?

JL: “That she was already in the minds of so many different people. When you’re coming out with a movie where nobody’s really seen the character before you can say ‘here it is.’ I’m playing a character that most people have already seen in their mind. That’s scary.”

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