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'Bunheads' star Sutton Foster talks about the new series

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(Read caption) 'Bunheads' star Sutton Foster (center) says of her younger co-stars, 'It’s them doing it... There’s no body-doubles coming in to dance for them.'

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BUNHEADS is the story of what happens when life takes a Vegas show dancer in an unexpected direction when she accepts an unusual proposal. Leaving the bright lights of Las Vegas and finding herself in a cozy small town teaching at a ballet dance studio, the life of Michelle Simms will never be the same.  Fortunately the young dancers provide Michelle with a unique opportunity to explore a new life and rediscover her love of dance. Taking a few minutes to chat with press in a recent conference call, star Sutton Foster explains what drew her to this remarkable, heart-warming series and what exactly is a “Bunhead!”

 Could you run through some of the things in BUNHEADS that we’re going to see that you bring to a larger television audience that people may know about from seeing you on stage?
 SUTTON: There are a couple reasons I was drawn to BUNHEADS.  One was Amy Sherman-Palladino being one of my favorite writers, but also that the show is based around dance, and it’s affording me a lot of opportunities to do some pretty cool stuff.  I’ve already done one song and dance routine, and I know there’s more down the pike. But the thing that I’m most excited about is really the character and the writing and being able to really showcase my comedic stuff and delving into it. She’s just a really awesome character who’s a dancer.  So I’m sure as the series grows they’ll be throwing lots and lots of stuff at me, and I always say I’ll try anything once.  They’ve already thrown a bunch of stuff my way, so I’m sure that a lot more will be coming.  But I don’t think theater fans will be disappointed.
 What is something that you get to do in BUNHEADS or that you’d like to do in BUNHEADS that most people would probably be surprised to see you do?
 SUTTON: Well, there’s some cool stuff coming.  I don’t want to give too much away.  I started dancing when I was four years old and then was in class until I was about 20 years old or so, and then primarily was dancing just in shows that I was doing, but not really studying and training.   But the one thing that I’ve done because my character is she’s a ballet dancer trained at ABT.  Although, when you discover her, you find out that she’s a showgirl in Vegas.  So she kind of loses her ballet way.  But the one thing that I’ve done is I take ballet every day.  So I have this incredible teacher, and she comes to the studio, and I have a ballet barre in my dressing room and it kicks my butt.  So I’m studying ballet everyday and really training so people will see me as a ballet dancer, which no one’s seen before.  Even I haven’t seen that, so I’m really excited.


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