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Marcia Gay Harden will replace Rosemarie DeWitt on 'The Newsroom'

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Melissa Moseley/HBO/AP

(Read caption) Marcia Gay Harden will have a recurring role on 'The Newsroom,' which stars Jeff Daniels (r.) and Emily Mortimer (l.).

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Marcia Gay Harden will join the cast of the Aaron Sorkin HBO series “The Newsroom” after actress Rosemarie DeWitt bowed out.

Harden is replacing DeWitt in the role of Rebecca Halliday, a lawyer who works for Atlantis Cable News, the company on which the show focuses, after it’s sued for wrongful termination.

DeWitt left the show because of scheduling conflicts, according to TheWrap.com. Halliday will be a recurring character on the show.

“Newsroom” will return for its second season this June, according to Sorkin.