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'Star Wars': Which characters are getting their own spin-off films?


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If you couldn’t tell by the parameters being set, Han Solo would have to be played by a younger actor – though like The Hobbit, an aged Harrison Ford could still be utilized to frame the piece. Ford himself said he’s open to returning to the franchise.

The Boba Fett movie is more vague in shape, but basically the idea is to set it between either Episodes IV & V, or V & VI, with the gist of it being Boba tangling with a collection of fellow intergalactic Bounty Hunters and scumbags to obtain (or protect) some quarry. With a loose frame like that, we could very well end up seeing Han Solo’s carbonite slab bounced around the screen for an hour an a half while Boba tries to get it back. Add in cameos by unscrupulous types like Darth Vader, and this anti-hero Star Wars flick could be something refreshingly new.

Captain America director Joe Johnston told us personally he wants to make a Boba Fett movie – we’d still like to see that happen! Star Wars meets Dredd meets Catch Me if You Can? Why not.

The current game plan is for Episodes VII – IX to be released every three years between 2015 – 2021, with additional films (like these solo spinoffs) in the gaps between Episodes chapters. Given the resources of Disney/LF, there very well could be two Star Wars films out a year, keeping with the Marvel blueprint.

No word on casting, writers or directors yet – and given the state flux we are living in regarding Star Wars as a whole, anything could end up happening. Don’t count Yoda, Republic Commandos, Shadow of the Empire or anything else out.

What about you guys? Any ideas to share?

Kofi Outlaw blogs at Screen Rant.


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