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Transit Connect Wagon: Can a Ford minivan by another name be hip?

Transit Connect Wagon – a Ford effort to be cool with a family car it doesn't want to call a minivan – debuts this month.


The Transit Connect Wagon is a Ford effort to be a family style minivan without calling it a minivan – for cool's sake. It is Ford's first minivan after a six-year hiatus.


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It looks like a minivan. It has sliding doors like a minivan. So why isn't Ford calling its new seven-seater a minivan?

For the same reason you don't wear mom jeans or listen to Barry Manilow: It's not cool.

Top 5 parenting tips for media literacy in preschoolersThe Transit Connect Wagon will debut later this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It's set to go on sale late next fall.

To the average buyer – or, in fact, to everyone outside of Ford Motor Co. – it will appear that Ford is getting back into the minivan business after a six-year hiatus. The Transit Connect Wagon, which is based on Ford's Transit Connect commercial van, has the high roof of the van but trades its industrial-looking hood for the tapered nose and trapezoid grille of Ford's cars. It has sliding doors on both sides and comes in five-seat and seven-seat versions.


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