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Twitter taunts turn positive in high school experiment

A high school student figures: If Twitter can be used to taunt and bully, it can also be used to spark a positive movement of kindness.


Twitter and the ocean of online information at the fingertips of students is being tooled to initiate positive change.

Clay Bennett/The Christian Science Monitor

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Bri Beauchamp thought something should be done after a "girl fight" in the lunchroom at Bay Port High School in early October led to nasty exchanges among classmates on the social media site Twitter.

"That's how people fight these days," she told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "They say things on Twitter they would never say to someone's face. I don't think they realize that they're saying it to everyone."

Ms. Beauchamp decided that if Twitter, which limits people to 140 characters per exchange, could be used to bully, it also could be used to say kind things.

She started the Twitter account @BayPortLove in October and used it to send positive messages about classmates to hundreds of followers. She also asked followers to share positive shout-outs about people they admire.


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