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Deadly Zorb ride down Russian mountain sparks call for safety code (+video)

Zorb ride down Russian mountain veers off course and proves deadly for one man while injuring another.  Zorb inventor calls for safety code for the adventure sport.

Zorb ride for duo turns deadly as the Zorb goes off course and over a rock ledge. Starting in New Zealand as a fun way to travel downhill, Zorbing has since spread throughout the world.
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The New Zealand developer of the adventure sport of rolling downhill in a transparent plastic inflatable ball is calling for global safety standards for the sport after two Russians rolled out of control in their "zorb" into chasm at a ski resort in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia Jan. 3. One of them died, the other was critically injured.

A video of the violent misadventure has gone viral on the web.


"Unfortunately, when you have a new adventure sport like this come out, especially in developing countries, you tend to see a lot of people not following any form of regulation," Zorb Ltd chief executive Hope Horrocks told the Otago Daily Times, a New Zealand newspaper.


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