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Anti, pro-gay groups converge on Boy Scouts of America headquarters

Boy Scouts of America board members are set to take on the organization's national ban on gay membership this week. Groups in support and against the policy have converged on Boy Scouts of America headquarters in Texas, where a vote on the ban is expected Wednesday. 


Boy Scouts of America board members will debate whether to end the organization's ban on gay members this week during a three-day meeting at their Texas-based headquarters. Here, Ryan Andresen speaks to media after delivering a petition against the policy to the California Scouts chapter in October.


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Boy Scouts of America board members will meet this week to debate ending a controversial national ban on gay membership, prompting groups both for and against the move to converge on its Texas headquarters for demonstrations.

The national executive board, which lists more than 70 members, is expected to vote on Wednesday, the last day of a three-day meeting, on whether to lift the ban they had reaffirmed just last year amid criticism from gay rights groups and gay former Scouts and Scout leaders.


The Boy Scouts has not responded to inquiries about the private meeting, but activists for and against lifting the ban said they expected a vote on Wednesday.

The organization said on Jan. 28 that it was considering removing the national restriction based on sexual orientation and leaving the decision to local chapters. It said it would not dictate a position to units, members or to parents.

Gay rights activists have said lifting the national ban, but allowing local units to maintain a ban, would not go far enough.


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