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'Keep out of reach of pets': Green cleaners not necessarily safe for pets

Buying green, environment-friendly household cleaners may give a false sense of safety, say experts. Most are animal-safe, but many are not safe for your pet. 


Green cleaners, despite their environmentally-safe chemical compositions, can in fact be dangerous to your pets. Caroline Golon of Columbus, Ohio, with her two Persian cats.

Associated Press

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As the time nears for spring cleaning and companies offer more environmentally friendly alternatives to toxic cleaners, veterinarians say pet owners should keep in mind that what's green to a human can be dangerous — even deadly — to animals.

"People expose their animals without even realizing the risk," said Karl Jandrey, who works in the emergency and critical care units at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California, Davis. "That's the most common thing that happens when you come to our emergency room — the clients put their pets at risk because they were unaware of how significant the damage could be."


Most household cleaners are safe if used as directed on labels, but pet owners who make their own cleansers using natural ingredients don't have the warnings or instructions that come with commercial products.


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