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Sochi Olympics: Could you raise an Olympian? Take the quiz

Winter or Summer Olympics, these athletes represent the pinnacle of fitness, discipline, and raw talent. And as the advertising campaign from Proctor & Gamble highlights, it is often the parents of these Olympians that get them to the Games and hopefully onto the podium. Could you raise an Olympian in your own household? Answer a few questions to find out.

In this image, Bounty paper towels hosts the Team USA Hockey Moms as an extension of its ‘Bring It’ campaign during an exhibition game vs. Canada in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Andy King/AP Images for Bounty
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Question 1 of 10

1. What's the earliest you are willing to wake up in the morning?

Training to be an Olympian often means early practice sessions and scheduling sports around school, jobs, and family time. Being the parent of a potential Olympic athlete often means driving your child around to practices and competitions in the early hours of the day. What's the earliest you are willing to wake up in the morning?

I never rise before 9 a.m. Let the kid hitchhike to practice.

I am up before the sun every morning, without fail.

I can drag myself out of bed by 7 a.m., but it will cost you.