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The Week the Women Went: More male image stereotype?

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So it’s possible that we could see shades of that in the unscripted Lifetime series narrated by comedian Jeff Foxworthy and billed as a “social experiment of Biblical proportions.”

The show opened with two fiery sermons: one delivered by a man and the other by a woman in the town of Yamassee, S.C., population 1,000.

“Women! Can’t live with ‘em and can’t live without 'em," the male preacher quipped to his congregation.

While the female pastor cried out, “It was God’s idea that every man needs a woman. Woman was not created as an afterthought, He had something in mind!” My suspicion is that this plan was not a reality TV show, but who am I to say I know the mind of the Lord?

So the men are left holding the kids and the bag on everything from a coffee-drinking toddler to a beauty pageant. In two cases, young girls are left to run their mothers’ businesses, which should be a whole series in itself.

My son’s favorite quote came from an unidentified man who moaned, “A washing machine is an intimidating machine!” To which my son Ian shouted at the TV, “Amen!”

I looked at him and said, “You just used the washing machine to wash your jiu-jitsu gi. What are you talking about?”

He had the decency to look embarrassed when he said, “Well, come on, men are expected to be idiots when it comes to that stuff. It’s funny when they are.”

It’s funny in a movie or Bill Cosby routine, but not in a real life “documentary.”

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