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Baby shower? So 2010. Edgier moms-to-be have a baby gender reveal

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Yes, the “gender reveal,” she explained. It’s all the rage these days. You have a party where your family and friends are dragged once again to pay homage to the bump (OK, she just said “come to celebrate”) and at the best dramatic moment, you open the envelop (or look in the cake, or lift a curtain, or whatever) and discover whether to paint the nursery pink or blue.


Husband and I exchanged looks.

“Really?” I asked.

It was all I could muster.

“I know, I know,” she said.

Like any professional researcher, when I got home I turned immediately to Google. Sure enough, authoritative mommy sites from WhatToExpect.com to BabyCenter.com to Pinterest have lists of Gender Reveal ideas and party tips. There are entire websites and books devoted to this.

“Expecting a new baby is a very exciting time for a couple,” writes www.genderreveal.net. “One of the most thrilling parts of pregnancy is revealing the gender of your beautiful little bundle. Don’t announce it just by making a phone call to your family and friends. Make your baby gender reveal party a big, wonderful, landmark event in your life by holding a well-planned baby gender reveal party. Celebrate the arrival of the newest addition in your family with all your friends and loved ones.”

There are plenty of ideas out there for a rockin’ Gender Reveal.  One is to give the secret envelop to the party’s cake maker, who then brings out either a pink or blue cake at just the right moment in the party.

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