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Rescue dog Albie: if only children could be so accommodating


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Adopting a dog was a huge leap for me: I fretted about how much work it would entail, the limits it would place on our ability to be spontaneous, and whether the dog would even be lovable enough to make it all worthwhile. In essence, the same anxieties I had about having kids. To be fair, I did have a little more information about Albie than I had about either of my boys. For them I had a blurry ultrasound image and a mild faith in the genetic dice. With Albie there were a couple of photos, a twenty second video (quite fetching) and the raves of the volunteer from Labs 4 Rescue attesting to his high moral character and lovability. But still, as with kids, you never really know what you’re going to get.

Now, more than six months into this new phase in our lives, I can’t imagine a dog more perfectly suited to our family and, more to the point, to me. He’s made every day better – not necessarily easier, but better. He’s the calm when it’s hectic, and the balm when it’s been a bad day. He’s the reminder, as he lopes with pure joy across a snow-covered fairway, that we need to sometimes set aside our human concerns and worries and just be in the moment. He’s the one we can count on not to judge us even as we judge ourselves. And he’s the one who waits patiently at the window, sometimes for hours, for me to come home. Patience is a virtue.


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