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Kate Middleton's nose: Latest plastic surgery inspiration

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Associated Press

(Read caption) Kate Middleton's nose has caused quite a stink in the UK. Women have been getting plastic surgery to modify their own noses to look like the Duchess of Cambridge's, according to the Daily Mail. File/2012.

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What’s in a nose? That which we call a nose on any other face would be able to smell as sweet and yet women are paying through the nose to have theirs altered to look like the one on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

In the land of William Shakespeare the number of women getting nose jobs in order to look like Middleton has tripled since 2011, according to Plastic surgeon Maurizio Persico in the Daily Mail.


It’s not as if women haven’t spent decades shouting “in your face!” at Mother nature as they reach for the phone to ring-up a rhinoplasty. However,  plastic surgeons are getting more and more requests from women who want to replace their own look with that of a celebrity.


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