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Winter storm Nemo: Moms, tweet us your kids doing these snow projects


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My son Quin said he’d paint on the outside of the windows with colored water to make stained glass. That seems iffy to me so I was happy to find Crayola’s Crystalizing Window markers at the store last week. The markers work on any window, hot or cold, and from the inside. They go on looking like watery versions of regular markers, but as they dry they look just like Jack Frost turned them into colored ice crystals. In our house, Mr. Frost is a very busy guy this week and all our windows are awesome.

My son Avery, age 13, said he’d leave containers of colored water out over night to freeze, then unmold to make ice robots. I suppose you could do this with ice cube trays and then make tiny colorful ice robots for robot wars, or for snowball target practice.

However, all of my boys tell me the ultimate achievement would be for someone to make a character from the super popular world of Minecraft (a video game) out of snow and or ice.

For more traditional ideas, TLC (formerly known as The Learning Channel) was the best bet with their How Stuff Works list of ideas and materials for making colorful footprint art paths “stomped” in the snow and then sprayed different colors.

All this and other outdoor ideas await at the TLC site

As aggravating and inconvenient as the wall of white may get, you can always remind your children and yourself that there somewhere there are children starving for snow.

Remember to tweet @modparenthood with photos of your snow day creations, tagged #Nemo. I will be online with you to retweet (@nicechess007)


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