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Jessica Simpson baby name: Ace? No parent immune to the naming dilemma

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(Read caption) Jessica Simpson's baby's name puts him at the top of the deck.

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The search for identity – unique and memorable – is so "mom" when it comes to baby names. Even if Mom is so famous that baby can't possibly be mistaken for anyone else but Hollywood royalty.

Jessica Simpson, who announced her pregnancy via a Christmas-day Twitter, reportedly let out the secret of what she'll name it, a source has told US Weekly.

"[She's] told people she's going to name the baby Ace!" reports US Weekly. 


The wisdom of such early leaks, reported Monitor mommy blogger Stephanie Hanes last month, is questionable. Nothing is mulled over and debated more during a pregnancy than what to name the baby, she wrote during her eighth month of pregnancy with her second daughter. She warned that the chatter over your choice may sully your bright idea.


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