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Prince Harry on diaper duty: God save the Queen, or England could goto the men! [+video]

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As a mom who struggles to balance time between my own kids and volunteering to run a non-paying, non-profit children’s charity, I had a feel-good moment from this news story.

My boys have trailed me to chess events and volunteer sessions on evenings, after school, and weekends for the past four years. I would be very proud if, after I died, even one of my four sons were to pick up that torch, even if only to shine for a few hours. Of course, I’d also hope they didn’t show such a face of utter discomfort to the cameras of the world, but then there’s not any poo or bare bottoms involved in playing chess — at least not the way we play it.

However, the prince gave the paparazzi a field day with his visible chagrin when coming face to bottom with a baby doll.

Changing diapers at a brain injury center one-handed while holding a dumbbell in the other may have been to demonstrate the inability of one with a brain injury hampering the use of one side, but in my world the weight represents the other child the parent is juggling.

The 28-year-old prince is preparing to be an uncle after all and may (in some fantasy situation left on the Disney cutting room floor) be in the trenches changing a wet nappy someday soon.

Back in the real world, it’s always nice to see a man who was recently dubbed the once “quintessential bad boy of the royal family” by OK Magazine in a spot of bother over a baby doll. As OK pointed out, “The young prince has made countless headlines, getting caught with marijuana, accused of cheating, and most famously dawning a Nazi costume.” However, the risk-taker, faced the diaper danger with a look on his face that said, “Isn’t there a war I could be fighting somewhere?”

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