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Sorority e-mail writer, N.D. news anchorman: They needed mom's swear jar

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Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor

(Read caption) After a Delta Gamma sorority girl and a news anchorman resigned from their jobs due to their mouths getting them in trouble, tell your kids it pays to mind their language. Here, a Greek system recruitment sign are posted on the University of North Carolina's Charlotte campus, Sept. 5.

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A profanity-laced e-mail by a sorority sister gets her reputation from Alpha to persona-non-Gamma right after a news anchorman for a North Dakota television station was fired for opening his first-ever broadcast with obscenities. It’s time to find a cure for sailor’s mouth before our kids become the next to lose face and future over a slip of the lip that sinks their professional ship.

A Delta Gamma sister at the University of Maryland is “resigning” from her sorority after her F-bomb rant in e-mail sparked a viral, media-frenzy. Last week the headlines were all about A.J. Clemente, new weekend news anchorman for Bismarck, N.D., television station KFYR when, as his co-anchor was making the introduction on air he failed to realize his microphone was live as he dropped some choice obscenities.


Sadly, I can imagine the shock and awe their parents felt upon seeing their kids on the news for foul-mouthed fails. I wonder if the parents swore roundly when they first heard about the incidents?

I can say with all honesty that if I were in their positions I would have struggled mightily not to let fly with a few expletives.


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