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In praise of single mothers, fathers

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Melanie Stetson Freeman/Christian Science Monitor

(Read caption) Single mom Lena Bushrod raises her daughter, Alaina Inman, full time. Alaina's father is still in the picture - and her parents are still a couple, but they both still live with their own parents. This allows Lena to be a full-time mom because she doesn't have to work. They were photographed last year.

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The first thing that went wrong was the lock on the door. It didn’t work.

Our friends S and R generously lent us their Cape Cod condo the weekend of Father’s Day. They were away and Ken was on an extended business trip. I thought that a quick outing to the Cape would nicely break up the time while he was away. We unlocked the door of the condo just fine, but locking it was another story. I leaned heavily on my technologically savvy teenagers to figure out the lock’s mechanism. No dice. None of us had a clue about how to work our friends’ door.


My first inclination was to call Ken who was a continent away. After all, the man can walk me through complicated computer problems over the telephone. But I quickly realized that, as talented as he is, even he could not figure out how to work a lock he had never seen. The kids and I did the next best thing. We called a locksmith who, five minutes and $65.00 later, showed us that all we had to do to lock the door was lift up the handle.


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