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Balancing life and technology: It's Dot Complicated

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Graham Kislingbury/AP Photo/The Democrat Herald

(Read caption) The more technology becomes a part of our lives, this blogger says the more we yearn for tactile or outdoors experiences. The Juhl family takes a hiking break near Angel’s Rest near Bridal Veil, Ore., April 27, 2013.

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For all the ease and wonder that technology has granted us, how many times have you lamented that it’s also made life more complicated?

We deal with tremendous amounts of email clutter to rival our closet clutter. We wonder if our kids are experiencing too much technology too soon, and at what expense. We find ourselves bleary-eyed and twitchy-fingered as we check various online news outlets and events one more time, for fear of missing something important. We reveal a little too much to our co-workers and about ourselves and our significant others.


For fleeting moments, the life of a few decades ago appears so much simpler.

People had time to compose long letters at writing desks; to visit with friends, make lovely meals, and play simple games by a lake or a hearth. Of course, it’s easy to romanticize such a life as well. When so much of the world is literally at our fingertips, it can be tricky to choose which aspects of technology and modernity to embrace and which to let go of to make room for that which is simple, personal, tactile, and ultimately leads to a fulfilling and connected life.


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