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Dear Justin Lookadoo: Enough with the sexist 'dateable' rhetoric

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(Read caption) Justin Lookadoo's 'R. U. Dateable' quiz has garnered criticism for fostering sexist stereotypes.

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Dear Mr. Lookadoo: We (along with most of the internet) recently heard about your presentation at Richardson High School in Richardson, Texas. The students’ outrage shed light on your views of the “dateability” of children and how rigid, harmful notions of gender roles are supposedly espoused by God.

As mothers, university professors, specialists in the field of psychology, mental health, sexuality, and gender for almost 20 years, and yes, Christians, we are taken aback by and incredibly disappointed in your message. 

You say on your Facebook page that you spent “a lot of time” studying and you are “always researching and finding the edge that will make (your) programs current and relevant.” That seems strange because what you teach about “how gender differences impact the development of the human brain” doesn’t seem to be supported by any of the most recent research in either psychology or neuroscience. Hmmm. Don’t believe us? Check out Dr. Lise Eliot’s and Dr. Janet Shibley Hyde’s research. It’s all there, Justin, just waiting to be discovered. Ever read Illusions of Gender by Dr. Cordelia Fine? You might want to look into that as well.


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