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Doctor Who gets a UK Google doodle. Where's our Whodle?

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Today many Whovians down in Doctor Whoville, kids and parents too, woke to Google’s 50th Anniversary Doctor Whodle to play the Who game, while American families waited crying “Boo Who! Why isn’t it on our home pages too?”

“Mom, the WHOLE WORLD’s playing the Doctor Who doodle and our browser’s not showing it,” wailed Quin, 10, whose friends in England were crowing online about the largest doodle Google has done yet.

Shortly thereafter, I began to wail in frustration as my Internet tech skills completely failed me. I couldn’t find the doodle. It isn’t on my home page.

After getting some help from an editor, I can tell parents there’s nothing wrong with your browsers or Internet skills, the interactive Doctor Who doodle is just not available on the US site, but The Telegraph of London reports “it will soon be on home pages all over the world.” Impatient Whovians can find it now on google.co.uk. [Editor's note: The link to the British Google home page was misprinted in the original version of this article.]

Thanks to that foreign link, Quin is hopelessly addicted to the Doctor Who Time Lord game that’s part of today’s doodle.


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