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April continues as grilled cheese month

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Grilled Shane

(Read caption) Gruyere surchoix and toasted almond grilled cheese partners perfectly with cinnamon bread.

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A week ago the folks and I traveled to Pittsburgh and the Strip District for a min-vacation. For the first time, I went to the Strip with grilled cheese on the mind. With many bakeries selling fresh out of the oven bread, it was a perfect place to purchase bread for a homemade grilled cheese. We stopped at Mancini’s Bread late in the day so their selection was extremely minimal but we were lucky enough to snag one loaf of cinnamon bread. That served as the inspiration for this grilled cheese…

Ingredients for Gruyere Surchoix & toasted almond grilled cheese

Gruyere Surchoix
Toasted Almonds
Mancini’s Cinnamon Bread

The cheese: gruyere surchoix

Once the cinnamon bread was chosen, it was time to find a matching cheese. I honestly had no good ideas except for maybe Brie, although that probably wouldn’t have been very good. Heck, what do I know?! The sous chef traveled to The West Side Market, where they have the Cheese Shop, home of many different cheeses. Thankfully, the nice cheesemonger there had a great suggestion: Wisconsin Gruyere Surchoix. This cheese was fresh off the truck and ready to be melted.

Unfortunately, when doing a Google search, I couldn’t find any descriptions of this particular Gruyere. In my opinion, it is creamy and had a bit of a nutty flavor. It ended up being the perfect cheese for this nutty sandwich.



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