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Fried matzoh with horseradish mayo grilled cheese

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"(kahn-TAH-lay) is one of the oldest cheese in France, older even than Roquefort and Livarot. Cantalet is named after the Cantal Mountains in Auvergne, where it is produced from unpasteurized cow’s milk and received A.O.C. recognition in 1956. Affinage is least one month for a young cheese, up to 6 weeks for a medium cheese and 6 months for a mature cheese. The paste is smooth and straw colored and with age, it becomes darker especially around the rind. The flavor is buttery and nutty with earthy undertones and each bite lingers gracefully in the mouth. Cantal pairs well with a wide range of wines such as Beaujolais Cru, California Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Champagne." (Tastings Gourmet Market)

When sampling this for myself, I tasted a very mild and yummy cheese. Without knowing anything about this cheese, I was impressed with how good it was and how well it worked in the sandwich.


During Passover, as you probably already know, one’s diet is extremely restricted, putting a huge strain on one’s creativity. However, this year, I think this sandwich could stand up against any bread grilled cheese. It was that yummy.

I don’t know when I wrote this recipe for Fried Matzoh (or Matzoh Brei), but I will do everything I can to keep this index card scrawled with my childish handwriting. Fried Matzoh is my go-to meal during Passover, even more so than matzoh pizza (which really isn’t bad). When I was making some Fried Matzoh last week, the lightbulb appeared over my head, “Why not put this in a matzoh grilled chese?” And we were off.

Making Fried Matzoh is actually real easy, as evidenced by my early recipe. The first step is to soak however much matzoh you would like in some water. The amount of time depends on how soggy you want your matzoh.

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