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Bo Ne Vietnamese steak and eggs

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The Ravenous Couple

(Read caption) Bo ne is Vietnam’s version of steak and eggs served with a dollop of pate and crusty French bread.

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The Vietnamese have a literal and figurative way of naming food. The “xeo” in banh xeo doesn’t really have a meaning, except that it’s the sound of tumeric rice batter sizzling on the pan. Bo luc lac, describes the shaking of the pan as you saute and sear the beef. Likewise, bo ne, literally means ducking beef, as in ducking to avoid the splatter of butter and oil as the beef is sizzling on a hot pan as it’s brought out to your table.

Bo ne is Vietnam’s version of steak and eggs. A simple, but quite luxurious dish often eaten for breakfast. Butter is used with a heavy hand, but if that’s not enough to satisfy your greasy spoon, a dollop of pate is often smothered on top of the steak. Spread the pate goodness around, dip the beef in a lime, salt, and pepper sauce and wipe the mixture of butter and runny yolk with crusty french bread and you’re assured of starting the day right.

Bo Ne Vietnamese Steak and Eggs
Serves 2


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