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Frosted brownies for a blizzard or Valentine's Day

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Kendra Nordin

(Read caption) Chocolate never fails! Cheer yourself through the winter blues or surprise your Valentine with these decadent brownies.

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When the word came that Nemo was heading our direction blowing 65 m.p.h. winds and bringing at least 2 feet of snow, my friends Nathan and Emily, who live a few blocks away, extended the invitation for homemade chicken pot pie. I was in charge of bringing brownies.

I knew immediately that I wanted to bring The Pastry Chef’s Baking Frosted Brownies. These are so decadent and delicious I definitely did not want to be left in the house alone with a pan. Bringing them to a blizzard dinner party was the perfect solution!

My friend Rebecca, who lives next door, and I trudged through the snow together, wearing ski pants and ski goggles, with mufflers wrapped tightly around our necks. The snow had only begun to fall and the trees were already frosted sugar-white.


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