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Black sesame ice cream

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The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook

(Read caption) If you own an ice cream machine this is one recipe you have to try. Nutty and cool, this dessert is luscious.

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Have you ever been struck by an incessant food craving that just won’t go away? Like a song that lodges in your head and plays over and over again.

Most often, it’s a childhood snack or comfort food you crave – Mom’s mac and cheese, Twinkies (RIP), or cherry flavored Jell-O. And it’s always, always, always, annoying because you simply can’t shake it off until you actually indulge it.

In my case, I’ve been fantasizing about glutinous rice balls in sugar syrup (also known as tang yuan) for the past week or so. You know, those chewy white balls made from glutinous (or sweet rice) flour, the ones that burst open with one bite, releasing a lavalike flow of sweet black sesame paste?


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