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A sweet treat for Passover: Matzoh crack

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(Read caption) Matzoh crack is an easy dessert for Passover featuring sheets of matzoh drizzled with caramel and plenty of chocolate with a crunch sea salt finish.

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This post is by Terry's wife Marion.

Our family may not have every ethnic group, but we’ve got a lot of ‘em. English, Scottish, Polish, Jewish, Cherokee – and that is just a fraction of it. We are part of the portrait of America, the welcome everyone! stream that keeps reviving and renewing and invigorating us all: one family, one people, one house.

When we started planning for Passover, a couple of weeks ago, the foremost thing I was worried about was dessert. So many truly kosher-for-Passover desserts are borrrrrrring. This year I had great hopes for a couple of things, especially a cake with a great deal of roasted, ground nuts and lots of eggs, plus dates steeped in wine, lemon zest and cardamom. That experiment can best be described as unfortunate: it came out tasting like a slightly fragrant cardboard box and leaving me close to despair. But as I was poking around online, I kept bumping into versions of "Matzoh Crack," a recipe primarily featuring sheets of matzoh, caramel, plenty of chocolate, and sea salt. Some recipes may more politely refer to it as "matzoh crunch."


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