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Italian white bean sausage and kale stew

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Beyond the Peel

(Read caption) This is a simple stew that can do many jobs. Serve it with some crusty bread for lunch or dinner, or even breakfast with a poached egg on top.

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With the spring season on its way and new opportunities and experiences ahead, its time to clean out the freezer and use up odds and ends. Not the most fun, but definitely a creative process. I have a tendency to freeze little bits of things that I know would come in handy later.

I used up a few tablespoons of frozen tomato paste to make homemade spicy ketchup, and one chili in Adobo sauce (yes I froze a single chili, don’t laugh) to make some yummy salsa. I’ve had some fun with some frozen red quinoa, making salads and poached eggs on quinoa.

Digging through the freezer I came across a gorgeous pack of hot Italian sausages. How could I have forgotten them?! Our local butcher (no antibiotics, no hormones, grass-fed, organic-free-range awesomeness) makes these delicious sausages with no fillers and uses real casings. The flavor is exceptional. And to be honest, they don’t last long in our house. Mostly because of this stew.


I am in love with this simple stew. Please don’t let the simplicity of the ingredients discourage you from trying it. It’s more than the sum of all its parts!


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